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Long Term Dog Boarding

Although we specialize in long term dog boarding and professional dog fostering, we also provide shorter stays filled with fun and activities.


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In-Home Dog Boarding

Dancing Creek Farm is a wonderful place offering a home like environment for your beloved dog. We realize that they are use to being in a home environment and throwing them into a cold concrete run might be very upsetting for some dogs. We understand the peace of mind you need to go away on vacation, business or being deployed ( Military Dog Fostering ). Nothing is more unsettling then leaving behind a pet that is part of your family. It’s not just a holding pen until you return but a wonderful experience your dog should have, especially in your absence.  Pictures, videos and updates are sent as often as you need them. We have an Iphone on us at all times for text messages, facetime visits and instant media. We want it to be a good experience for you too!

We do not offer doggie day care. Our minimum stay is 3 days. The main reason for this is the fact dogs are not in kennels and there is a careful integration process unless they’ve been here before. We spend a few hours with them alone, make sure they are ok and then introduce them to dog their size and temperament. Most of the smaller dogs sleep with me and hang out with me throughout the house.  All size dogs are permitted to roam the house and play as long as they are supervised.

There are several areas right off the house all interconnected. These rooms have doogie doors and sun decks. each yard is fenced and we use fresh hay or straw as bedding and to keep things nice and clean. They can freely go outside into the fenced area or lay on the deck.  We have several other buildings close to the house that are like cabins with hammocks, radio, dog doors, decks and each area has its own fenced yard.

One of the deck and yard areas

Long Term Dog Boarding – Dog Fostering

please also visit our Long Term Dog Boarding web site

Long term dog boarding is for military personnel, families that travel for work, training or in transition or relocation.  There is no limit on how long dogs can stay with us and we do offer discounts, a flat monthly rate. Your monthly rate includes baths, walks, brushing, treats and food.

A deposit of first and last month is required prior to check in and is non-refundable if you cancel your trip. We then bill your credit card monthly or send a Pay Pal request, whichever you prefer. Our availability is based on how many dogs we have, the size and temperament of your dog. We do not accept aggressive dogs.

Typical Day at Dancing Creek Farm

5am – Dog’s that do not have access to dog doors or must be supervised – Potty Time!

6am – Morning Biscuit and music while Tamara has her coffee & meditation.

8am – Everyone eats! Fresh water- change

9am- noon – Free Play- Little guys get to potty, spend an hour outside playing. Big guys play as much as they want.

1PM- Snack and quiet time

2pm-5PM – Walks, fetch, general play

5:30PM – Dinner time- Potty directly after, some walking for older dogs

6:30PM – Time to get settled, fresh water, hugs, relax.

9PM- Last potty time for dogs that don’t have access to doors- little guys or rowdy guys that need supervision.


We give natural treats and plain dog biscuits. We do not give them anything with ingredients I can’t pronounce, had dyes, chemicals, etc. Although we require all dogs to have Frontline, Revolution or other top brand, we only use natural, often organic sprays on in the dog areas and yard. We use live nematodes that eat flea and tick larvae as well as organic sprays such as garlic and food grade diatomaceous earth.

Lots of fresh water is given daily and changed several times a day even if the bucket isn’t empty.

Dogs are carefully supervised, however sometimes there is a fight or someone bounces wrong. This rarely happens but it can.  We have several excellent vets in the area and even a 24 hour emergency facility within 30 min. If your dog shows any signs of odd behavior they are isolated and carefully looked at. Sometimes its just a bad day and they need special TLC or a tummy ache from too much running around or drinking to fast. I have over 10 years caring for dogs and if I feel your dog needs to be looked at we will call you first. If you can not be reached the veterinary release you provide with your contract will give me permission to treat your dog.

We LOVE Dogs

Being a dog care provider is more then just a business for me. I love dogs and personally get to know each and every dog here. We are the home away from from home and I truly am like an auntie. I stay in touch with the dogs over the years and I know that once you board with us you won’t go anywhere else.

If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact section to email or call. Please visit us on Facebook or watch our videos on You Tube. Just click the buttons on the right hand menu.

Thank you for checking us out!

Tamara Burton

Owner- Dancing Creek Farm, LLC – 434-549-1616

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