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For over 10 years we have offered long term dog boarding on our 30 acre farm in Southern Virginia. Our reputation is worldwide due to the level of care we provide.  We offer discounts for our military families and students.

long term dog boarding cabins

Our style of boarding is a lot different then most boarding facilities. Because we are primarily set up for long term dog boarding we have a special set up that offers a “Better than home” experience.  We offer insulted heated & AC cabins with free access via dog doors into fenced play areas for each cabin. They all have decks to lay on and nice dog hammocks. In addition our entire complex is fenced with several areas to allow them to roam about, play with other dogs during supervised times of the day. We even have a special set-up just for small dogs.

Short Term Stays

Although we specialize in long term dog boarding we do offer shorter stays of a week or longer.  Please view our rates below.

Finding the right boarding for your dog

We don’t just throw a bunch of dogs together. Every dog spends a few days or even a week to be evaluated. They slowly meet other dogs and they are given a chance to get comfortable. Once we find the dogs they get a long with the best they become their “flat mates”.  There are no more than 4 or 5 dogs in each area. Even still they get a chance to run around, meet others and run with our staff.


Discounts for Military Deployed, Students and Families in Transition

A large portion of our business offers discounts for military families, students and families in transition.  Our long term dog boarding rates are simply the best in the USA for the standard of care we provide.

Why We Do What We Do

We love dogs. We love helping families and we know how very important your pets are. We want to help your entire family (this includes your pets) have the best experience possible when you have to be away from them.


Because we specialize in long term dog boarding we have dogs come to us from all over the world. I know this sounds crazy but we really do have an excellent reputation and tons of referrals. If you are going to be away from your pet for an extended period you want to know, without a doubt that they are happy, healthy and well cared for. People fly dogs to us literally from all over the world. Additionally we offer transport. We are happy to provide door to door service or meet you part of the way.

We want you to feel comfortable with boarding your dogs here. We are happy to arrange skype calls, take video, pictures, whatever you need. You will see that Dancing Creek Farm is by far the best long term dog boarding facility in the United States.

Please go to our main website to see information, pictures, videos and more.

We have a 3 day minimum

Rate are $25.00 per day per dog.

Discounts: We do offer discounts for multiple dogs, special circumstances and a CASH discount. Cash discounts are 20.00 per day. It saves us processing fees and gas for trips to the bank. If you are paying with cash let us know ahead of time.

Special needs – additional $5.00 per day

Long Term Dog Boarding – $550.00 per month – additional dog discount, please contact for group rates.

For more info on special discounts go to our main website www.dancingcreekfarm.com

We offer military discounts for long term dog foster care. Occasional we will consider additional discounts based on several factors. Please email me your dogs age, breed, temperament and why you need to be considered for a discount.

Please use the contact section to request rates and information.

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  1. Tracie Clang says:

    HI. My husband and I live near DC and are planning on a mission trip to a hospital out of the country and can’t take our dog. She is a yellow lab about 45 pounds. Do you have any availability? She is very lovable with humans and tolerates other dogs…she minds her own business, isn’t a huge “player” (prefers humans). She is not aggressive but if another dog harasses her enough…she will try to ignore it but if continued will show them who is boss by snapping at them…(just being honest). I think you described this in your website as typical dog behavior…we take her to the dog parks and this is what we have seen! What are your thoughts?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hello! I was wondering what your long term boarding rate would be for two dogs.

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