Rates & Availability

Please do not leave request for reservations in the comments section below. Please use our contact form.


Availability is based on breed, size, age and temperament. We only allow up to 20 dogs at a time but if we have 12 large active dogs we could stop at 12. If we have many of the same size and temperament, able to always play nice together then we take more. It’s important to us that we have the time and able to provide not only excellent care but a stimulating environment for your dog.  Please use our contact form to arrange a reservation. Non-refundable deposits are required prior to check in to assure your reservation.

We have a 3 day minimum

Rate are $25.00 per day – Second dog discount $15.00

Discounts: We do offer discounts for multiple dogs, special circumstances and a CASH discount. Cash discounts are 20.00 per day. It saves us processing fees and gas for trips to the bank. If you are paying with cash let us know ahead of time.

Special needs – additional $5.00 per day

Long Term Dog Boarding – $450.00 per month – additional dog discount, please contact for group rates.

We offer military discounts for long term dog foster care. Occasional we will consider additional discounts based on several factors. Please email me your dogs age, breed, temperament and why you need to be considered for a discount.

Please use the contact section to request rates and information.

3 Responses to Rates & Availability

  1. Tracie Clang says:

    HI. My husband and I live near DC and are planning on a mission trip to a hospital out of the country and can’t take our dog. She is a yellow lab about 45 pounds. Do you have any availability? She is very lovable with humans and tolerates other dogs…she minds her own business, isn’t a huge “player” (prefers humans). She is not aggressive but if another dog harasses her enough…she will try to ignore it but if continued will show them who is boss by snapping at them…(just being honest). I think you described this in your website as typical dog behavior…we take her to the dog parks and this is what we have seen! What are your thoughts?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hello! I was wondering what your long term boarding rate would be for two dogs.

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