Long Term Dog Boarding & Dog Retirement at Dancing Creek Farm

Does this look like Dog Boarding?


We offer long term dog boarding for deployed military, extended dog boarding for government workers and families in transition. We provide service all along the east coast and the entire USA!

Your dog is part of your family. They provide you unconditional love. The thought of leaving them for an extended period is heartbreaking. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control forces us to away for an extended period. Would it be nice to know that your beloved pet was well cared for, loved and nurtured just as if they were at home?

Please visit our main website at www.dancingcreekfarm.com

We offer long term dog boarding, dog retirement and military dog boarding services.

We now offer Skype dates with your fur-baby!

We are located in Southern Virginia on a 30 acres farm. Our unique long term boarding services provide dogs with a home-like environment where they are cared for, get to play with other dogs, enjoy awesome food, lots of walks, love and the very best care. Since 2005 we have provided unparalleled dog boarding services and we have countless customer referrals.

We provide boarding as long as you need it and have taken care of dogs from 3 days to 2 years. We also offer dog retirement for dogs that have special needs or they are getting older and the owner is unable to provide for them. There are many reason an owner might need to be away from their pet.

  • Military training or deployment
  • Illness or hospitalization
  • Real-estate house on the market
  • Overseas Jobs
  • Relocation
  • Death – Owner dies but makes special arrangements ahead of time
  • Disability
  • Long vacations
  • Dog Retirement
We are committed in providing you dog a safe loving home and making sure that you never have to worry about your pet. We stay in touch through email, send photos, videos, whatever you need and as often as you need. If you are still in the general area you are free to visit and we’ll even help arrange a special outing. Whatever we can do to help make this difficult time easier we will.
We have several web sites. This site gives general information. If you have any additional questions please feel free to use the contact form above to email me. If the form doesn’t work, my email is info@dancingcreekfarm.com or call 800-705-0540




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